How it Started

"I was into my second week of isolation, sitting having my morning coffee and poking around online looking at all of the various artists, from Keith Urban to John Legend, doing concerts from their homes for their fans.

I was thinking about how great that was. They were doing their best to entertain and stay connected with people. It was about music, their craft of creating it and staying connected.

If ever there was a world event that demonstrated the simple truth that we are all connected... this surely is it.

Then I thought how amazing it is that the virus started with one person. And from that one person, within weeks, it had spread around the world to the point that it completely changed life for every human on the planet. Talk about The Power of One.

Then an idea came to me. What if we could get one song; a song that was about hope, about the human spirit, about the Power of One, about the fact that we are all connected... what if we could get not only well known artists and singers, but every person who wanted to participate, to record their own versions and share them? How fast could we make that one song spread all over the world? Using technology and The Power of One, it's possible.

I called my friend and occasional songwriting partner, Jason McCoy, and shared the idea with him.

Four days later, we had the first demo of the song we wrote, We Are One. Within a week, Jason was sending the track around to musicians and singers he knew. In less than two weeks, the song and video you have now heard and seen here, was produced. Within two weeks, this website was launched.

Jason is a very talented songwriter, singer and artist. He is also an amazing man and great human being. He made all of this happen. He's the best.

And without that morning coffee and seeing those artists... the idea would never have been sent to me from wherever ideas comes from.

A special thank you to Russell Broom, who produced the song, and to Sean Smith from Stingray Pictures who produced the video. Also a special thank you to Trevor Howard and the team at Media Suite, who donated their time and talent to create this website, and to Amanda Chamberland who designed our logo.

There are so many talented musicians and singers who participated in this project. A huge thank you to all of them. A complete list is available here. And a huge thank you to all of the people who have help launched this.

The Power is now with all of you. Show the world The Power of One. Weare1world."

Jim Payetta